University of Minnesota
African Studies Initiative

African Studies Initiative


Name Department Specialization Contact
Hakim Abderrezak French & Italian Mahgrebi and Beur Literature, Cinema and Music; Representations of Clandestine Migrations in Arabic, French and Spanish
Cawo Abdi Sociology Migration; Gender, Race and Class; Family; Islam; Development Studies; Human Rights; Globalization; Africa; Middle East.
Akosua Addo School of Music play; international teacher education; elementary music methods; international music education; world music; Arts Integration; African Music

Abimbola (Abi) Asojo

Interior Design

Cross-cultural design, Architectural lighting design, African architecture, Computing and design, Global design
Said Ahmed African American & African Studies Somali
Ronald R. Aminzade Global Studies & Sociology Historical and Comparative; Political Sociology; Sociology of Development; Nationalism; Race Relations; Social Movements; Democratic Theory
Semhar Araia
African American & African Studies Africa and African diasporic studies; public policy and law
Ragui Assaad Humphrey School of Public Affairs International economic development; labor market analysis; politics and economics of the Middle East and North Africa; urban planning; poverty in developing countries; quantitative methods; women's work in developing countries

Keletso E Atkins

African American & African Studies

Africa, African diaspora, African labor history, South African history
Sophia Beal Spanish and Portuguese Studies Brazilian Literature and Cultural Studies; Lusophone-African Literature and Cultural Studies; Urban Studies; Postcolonial Studies
Saloua Ben Zahra Asian Languages & Literature Arabic
Maria Brewer French and Italian 20th-Century French Literature, Culture, & Theatre

Rose M Brewer

African American & African Studies

African American women's studies, Black family life, class gender, intersection of economy, race, racism, sociology, women's studies, critical theory, social transformation
David Chapman Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development Education planning in developing countries, Government initiatives to influence practice at the school and classroom levels, with particular attention to developing countries, Role of information (and information systems) in policy formulation and education planning, Policy research, Program evaluation International issues in higher education

Victoria B Coifman

African American & African Studies

African history, comparative tropical history, development issues oral history, past and present urban and rural affairs, West and North African history, Islam
Roderick A. Ferguson American Studies

African-American literature, queer theory and queer studies, classical and contemporary social theory, African-American, intellectual history, sociology of race and ethnic relations, black cultural theory
Ana Paula Ferreira Spanish & Portuguese Portuguese, Brazilian, and Lusophone African literatures
Michael Gallope Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature

music and sound, continental philosophy and critical theory, visual culture Black/African diaspora, theories of modernism

Njeri R Githire

African American & African Studies

African Literary and Cultural Production, Literatures of the African Diaspora, Literature of Immigration and Racial Formation in the African Diasporic Spheres, Women's Writings and Feminist Theory, Postcolonial Theory and Criticism, Francophone Studies, Food, (Non)-Eating, and Related Topics in Literature
Malaika Grant Libraries Subject specialist for: African American Studies, African Studies; Harlem Renaissance; History, African; Immigration
Carol Hakim History

nationalism and intellectual history, state formation, state-society relations, and authoritarianism in the Arab world, political and economic development of the Arab world in the late 19th- and 20th-centuries
Claire Halpert Linguistics Syntax; Prosody-syntax interface; Linguistic field methods; Case and agreement; Bantu linguistics
Abdelkader Hamouchi Asian Languages & Literature Arabic
Douglas Hartmann Sociology and African American & African Studies

American society, culture, ethnographic studies, field methods, mass media, Midnight Basketball outreach programs, popular culture, race, social change, social movements, social uses of recreational programming, sport culture, theory, poorly understood institution in the modern world
Allen F. Isaacman History, African American & African Studies

Agrarian change, Central and Southern Africa, comparative history, peasants, rural protest, slavery and maroon communities, social history of Mozambique, the agency of ordinary people, the nature of African resistance to European colonial domination, oral history, East Africa and problems in southern Africa. racial problems in southern Africa
Zenzele Isoke Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies; Political Science; and African American & African Studies

U.S. Black Women's Politics and Activism, Black Feminist Thought, Urban Studies, Urban Ethnography, Feminist Geography, Feminist Theory and Methods
Jason T Kerwin Applied Economics Health and labor markets in sub-Saharan Africa (Malawi and Uganda)
Hisham A. Khalek Asian Languages & Literature Arabic, Comparative International Development in Education, Languages and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa, Politics, Government, and Society of the Arab World
Malinda A Lindquist History

African-American history, U.S. history, racial-gender theory, manhood in the Americas, feminist theory
Enid Logan Sociology Blackness in the Americas, Contemporary U.S. Race Relations; Race & the Body, Race & Electoral Politics, Blacks and Social Class, Afro-Latin America
Patricia Lorcin History Modern France, Western Imperialism, Colonial/Postcolonial, Mediterranean

Michael Lower


North Africa in the Middle Ages, Medieval Europe, the Crusades, Christian-Muslim Relations
Saje M. Mathieu History

African American history since Reconstruction, 20th century American history, Migration, social movements and political resistance
Marilena Mattos Spanish & Portuguese Portuguese

Keith A Mayes

African American & African Studies

African-American History, 19th and 20th century, Kwanzaa and Black holidays, Civil Rights and Black Power Movement, Black History and Educational Policy, African American Public History
Kieran P. McNulty Anthropology

Paleoanthropology, Human and primate evolution, Geometric morphometrics, Cranial evolution and ontogeny, East Africa
Sidow Mohammed Asian Languages & Literature Arabic, Somali
Angaluki Muaka African American & African Studies Swahili
August Nimtz Political Science, African American & African Studies

African politics, comparative politics, ethnic politics, Marxism, political development, politics of the transition to socialism, political economy

Tade O Okediji

African American & African Studies Social and behavioral sciences, public policy and development, Africa and African diasporic studies
Kent D Olson Applied Economics

Agribusiness Management & Finance, Agricultural Policy,
Crop Production, Farm Management, Human Resource, Management, Sustainable Agriculture, He has worked in Sweden, Poland, Uganda, and Italy.

Yuichiro Onishi

African American & African Studies

Black radicalism and internationalism, African American history, Transnational American studies, Critical race studies, Asian American studies
Sonali Pahwa Theatre Arts and Dance
Sarah Elizabeth Parkinson Humphrey School of Public Affairs Civil war and occupation, political violence, militant organizations, Middle East and North African politics, social network theory, qualitative methods, refugees
Leigh Payne Institute for Global Studies, Political Science Transitional justice and transitions from authoritarian rule in Latin America and South Africa
Helena Pohlandt-McCormick History African History
Paul Porter Agronomy and Plant Genetics Research and education; cropping systems, agroecology, rye cover crop, World Food Problems, Evaluating Starvation, Agroecosystems, Analysis Field Course, Agroecosystems of the World, and Environment, Global Food Production, and the Citizen; Food and Agriculture from Cairo to Cape Town at 10 mph; Food and Agriculture from Buenos Aires to Lima at 10 mph
Ozayr Saloojee Architecture Questions of tradition and modernity in Islamic Art and Architecture, role of the sacred in architecture, work and ethic of the Ottoman architect Sinan, interest in contested landscapes and how architecture and urbanism facilitate (or deny), augment or inflect issues of identity and belonging in the cultural and political landscapes of such cities as Istanbul, Cape Town, Jerusalem and contemporary landscapes in the Arab world.
Abdi I. Samatar Geography

development theory and the state, capitalist development, environment and development, political economy, agrarian change, Ethnic politics, East and Southern Africa, Third World, Islamic world, Botswana, Somalia, Ethiopia
Daniel J. Schroeter History

Jewish studies, Middle East, North Africa, World history
Rachel Schurman Sociology Agri-food Studies, Political Sociology, Social Movements, Global Political Economy, Development/Post-Development Studies
Catherine Squires Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies; Communication Studies Media, race and politics; Gender and media studies; Public sphere studies; Community-engaged research
Charles J Sugnet English

postcolonial literature, fiction and film of the African diaspora, creative nonfiction writing, the contemporary novel, multi-cultural instruction in the high schools
Shaden M. Tageldin Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature

19th- and 20th-century literatures in English, Arabic, French; Trans-African and Trans-Asian studies; Empire and postcolonial studies, Critical translation theory, Politics of language, literary form, genre; Histories and ideologies of comparative literature, Aesthetics and biologics of race, nation, culture; Literatures of migration and diaspora
Martha Tappen Anthropology

human evolution and adaptations, out of Africa I, paleoenvironments, Stone Age archaeology, zooarchaeology, taphonomy
Frances Vavrus Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development Comparative and international education; Education and population change; Gender and development; International development policy and practice; Secondary and teacher education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Yolanda Y Williams

African American & African Studies

African American music cultures, jazz, blues, gospel, feminism

John S Wright

African American & African Studies

American and Afro-American literature, intellectual history and popular culture, folklore and oral tradition, sociology of literature, feminist criticism, Harlem Renaissance, Black Arts Movement, Langston Hughes